Chrono as a pokemon,is this.Chrono is a lonely espeon with only a Umbreon called Spacia as friend.

Chrono later meets a Pidgey and pidgeot along with whispeon,Who he thinks is trying to harm a hurt spacia.

Spacia was badly injured and later whispeon saw this.Chrono,thinking them evil threatend to attack if they get closer.


Chrono doesn't like it when people talk to spacia that he doesn't know.He is mysterious always looking at the moon.

He has no friends but spacia and his little brother.A eevee named Chrome.Chrono protects his friends wth his life and has a strange power that lets him predict enemy movements or danger.He warned spacia when a rocks about to fall and spacia tryed to avoid it but got hit.

On his ownEdit

When he was a eevee his parents,died and he was left with 100,000,000 G to take care of chrome and hiself.

One day when it was raining he was walking torwards his parents tombs and he started to feel extremely sad.

He yelled out a famous line and he started evolveing.He evolved and almost became umbreon until midway it became sunny.

He then got stuck with both.


Darkness 1%:This form is when he becoems really angry.He turns a darker coler and has broken chains around him.

He is shown to only want to kill the person who did the most pain to him in this form.He doesn't care about anyone

either.He takes a huge personality twist in these forms.

Darkness 20%:The same as his other form but is darker and his eyes turn slightly red.He has less broken chains to.

Darkness 50%:He becomes completely black with light red eyes.He has losse chains instead of broken ones,and

uses a scary amount of energy attacking 3 times at once going insane attacking until there broken bones

are cracked to pieces.

Darkness 99%:He is not in control and becomes a completely black umbereon with dark red eyes and tight chains where his

marks would be.He has a Dark Aura in this form and takes little damage.He is immune to everything and only Spacia or

Chronos can calm him down.

Eternal Darkness 100%:He looks like his 99% except he has 2 black wings with purple in them in strange patterns

and dark red eyes,Also a demonic chain pattern and a skull like face.It's not a skull but resembles one.He

can only be hurt by Spacia and he has a black and red aura and he seems to not be aware of himself in this form.

he can not become this form unless a person like Chronos is killed,(someone who is very important and he has a bond with.)

if he uses this Template:Shadowlings will appear as well.