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Chrono Vs Sora the real Logo.

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Wow... It's... a little confusing. XD Leafingo 02:20, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

yep,lol but it can be easy.Chrono has a nightmare guy blows up part of house

to get there attention beats up chrono and magicly teleports away.XD

I liek mudkipz it! ~ Whispeon 08:50, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

thanks!~Chrono X (Talk) 20:21, August 25, 2010

"Fu...sion... HA!!" No matter how many times I hear that, it never gets old, lol. XD ~Leafingo


"Magono". XD ~Leafingo

..I couldn't think of anything...XD c

"You are weak compared to me!" Lol, that would have been the perfect moment for me to interfere as a Super Saiyan and blow him to bits. ~Leafingo


HYYYAAAAAGHH!!! blades clash pant pant Ungh...where...did this power come from!?

i won't let her death be a burden!RRRAAAGGGHHH!!!! blades clash continuesly

Huh!? pant Chrono wakes up

Chrono:It...was just a dream...

??? was Chrono.

Chrono:whoa!don't do that Magus!

Magus:Someone killed off 20% of your army yesterday...

Chrono:WHAT!?who killed them?

Magus:someone named...Sora.

Chrono:Sora..?i heard that name before..hmm...


Magus and Chrono:what was that!?

Chrono:lets check it out.

Magus:Nods yeah.Lets go!

Magus and Chrono go outside to see a crater Sora!?

???:...No.Sora is my friend...i am your nightmare..

Magus:listen up freak!you die here!



Chrono: ._. um...

Magus:Shut up Chrono.

???:Hmph.LET'S GO!!person turns into darkness


???:Behind you,stupid!

Chrono:ungh! ack!person kicks chrono in the face

Chrono:Hey!grabs person

???:BAD MOVE!Grabs Chrono's neck pulling it forward

Chrono:AAGGGHHHH!!!!lets go and falls

???:your weak power level,of 5,523,000 can't compare to mine.


???:Let me tell you my name.It Lancet.Rember it!

Lancet turns into shadows

Chrono:lays on ground in aggony

Chrono:angh...M-Magus..he was...'s weren't able to beat him.You still have training.

Chrono:urgh!coughs up blood

Magus:Rest easy...pulls out Senzu Bean

Magus:just take this...

Chrono:trys to smilehahaha..thanks Magus..faints


Chapter 1:Fu-Sion..HA!Edit

Magus is looking at a hurt Chrono

Chrono:Thanks Magus...I..think i can get up now..

stands up with sword

Magus:You can't fight a battle like this..That guys attack shattered your bone into peices.

Imagine what Sora would be like!

Chrono:i assume more than i WANT to know...

Magus:..It's time i taught you.


Magus:..the fusion dance...This will Maxamize your strength making it near...


Chrono:w-whoa..l-lets try it!

Magus:! will you stand up?you can't do it with one..

Chrono:You figured it out?grabs pendent

mutters and bone heals fast

Magus:where'd ya learn that?

Chrono:I can only use it when near death.

and 5 times every 2 months.

Magus:okay,Let's do this...

Magus teaches chrono the fusion dance and they attempt it

Magus and Chrono:Fuuu....



Magus and chrono fuse but chrono's finger slips


???:We...are one!...but..our power level is about...3000...

15 minutes later...'

they try it again but magus coughs this time


???coughs urk...coughs again 2250...coughs for 15 minutes(lol)

Chrono:drinks water Okay.We can do this...

Magus and chrono fuse no mistakes this time

???:...I...Am going to win this..with a power level of...

535,400,050!! MAGONO!!!

Magono:are you..ready sora!?

Chapter 2:Majin Chrono?Edit


Magus:look.We found the happy.

it's time to go fight.

Chrono:i know but..i feel...ack..coughs

Magus:huh?turns torwards chrono

Chrono:what..cough cough agh...

Magus:are you o-

Chrono:coughs up blood agghhh...this pain...

Magus:what the!? much..PAIN!!

M appears on chronos head flashing and

dissapearing continuesly


Chrono:grabs forhead AGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Turns super sayion

Magus:Fight it!You have to!


Falls on ground in pain and M fully appears

Magus:No!not now!

Chrono:AGGGHHH!!! haaaaa....pants and teleports


Lancet:WHAT!?i sense a power level of..380,000,000!!!

???:do not be worried.You can win.

chrono and magus teleport into base

Majin Chrono:You will become the first victims of the sayion apcalypse...!!

Laughs hystericaly

Lancet:..hahaha!! Myugi! lets go!

Myugi:hahaha..yes,LETS GO! teleprts

Majin Chrono:stands doing nothing

myugi appears behind chrono

Myugi:DIE,DIE,DIE!! slashes sword cutting chrono in half

???:You weaklings..DON'T DESERVE LIFE!

chrono smashes myugis head

Lancet:Master!He's going out of control!Command him!

Voice:You will do as i say Chrono.

Chrono:I will...aaahhhh...lets go of myugi


Voice:...Kill the fool.points at magus

Magus:...Throws Sickle at super computer operating the voice

Chrono:Haa..falls on ground oww....the pains gone but..

i feel weird...huh?Magus?and lancet!

Magus:grabs sickle time i fought.Lets go lancet...

Lancet:it's time we fought Janus.

Magus:! how do you know...

Chrono:...??? what?

Magus:...thats trivial...throws sickle at lancet missing

i am not Janus any longer.I am Magus.

Lancet:then..slay me...slices magus's arm

Magus:Agh!arm bleeds YAAAGGHH!!

magus stabs lancet in his heart thrw his armor

Lancet:Youuu....regenerates you,INSOLENT LITTLE PUP!


Chrono:slices lancet repeatedly

Lancet:keeps healing everytime Where's your little power now?


lancet his blowinto nothing but a helmet

Magus:Your new reall-W-WHAT!?

helmet floats and turns into lancet again

Chrono:What are you!?

Lancet:Invincible! You are weak comepared to me!

Lancet beats up chrono and magus can't beat him....

Magus:What kind of power..d-d-does he have!?

Chrono:wait! I have a idea...throw your sickle at his helmet.

if you miss we die....

Magus:aims and throws

Lancet:hmph..! wait,if it- JUST dodges sickle panting



Chrono:you...missed...welp were dead >_<

Magus:>_- n-not yet heh..Sickle flies from behind knocking the helmet off

into chrono's hand


Chrono:turns super sayion KAAA...MEEE....HAAAA...MEEE....

Lancet:rushes over smashing chronos ribs no!im too-

Chrono: smiles bye...HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

lancet is blown to nothingness and helmet gem is crushed

Chrono:well..we did..fall from to much ki usage

Magus:rest easy Chrono...i'll take this one...gets up with his bloody broken arm trudging in the hall ways

Chapter 3:Magus Vs SlashEdit