Dragoon's fighting stance.

Dragoon is a former membor of the GCC and is ranked A+.He takes on S and A ranked monsters/Demons and can use powerful moves such as Dragoon Upper-Cut or Dragon Kick.He is a powerful warrior and knows his enemys weaknesses.


Dragoon is a cold,like warrior.He is selfish only caring for his well being,and he does not have a true warriors spirit.

he relies on Powerful moves instead of strategy.He always taunts his enemy making them angry and kills them on the

spot.Only doen't when he wants to question them.

Battle And BetrayalEdit

when Leaf And Chrono go to the Sky Lagoon,Dragoon claims to have caused it to crash.Chrono and Leaf fight him nearly

losing,But Vegeta knocks him into the ground before it hits and they escape and Dragoon is thought to be killed.


Dragoon Upper-Cut: Dragoon runs torwards his enemys and does a upper cut with his fist on fire.

Dragon Kick:Dragoon runs torwards the ground more kicking the enemys feet knocking them over,then bouncing off the wall to Smash them in the face.

Draco Skull Smash: Dragoon jumps in the air bouncing from the wall into the enemys face grabbing it crashing it through the platform or wall.

Flame Beam:Dragoon fires a Lava energy blast out of his mouth crashing ito the wal making it go ablaze.

Heavenly Destruction:Dragoon does all his attacks in order above then throws them in the air smashing there heart then turning his back saying...

覚悟しろ..ののhahahaha!死! meaning Prepare yourself..hahahaha!for death!


  • His power level is 8,000,000 surpassing Chrono's 5,420,000 or Leaf's 5,425,000.
  • He plays around,only using heavenly destruction before he dies.It uses 99% of his life enrgy AND kai.
  • He can revive himself unlimited times,from absorbing a phoenix,so he could have lived.
  • If he eats something like a Skull he will take less damage.He can eat things to gain a power from them.