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Cool.can i be in?im a Epspeon named Chrono in RP's/stories. ~ Chrono X

I'll try and get you in at some point :P I need a basic Pokemon to be the main character though... ~ Whispeon

i want to be in the guild like a 1 man exploration team,and at one point i meet the hero's and join them. ~ Chrono X

Sound's like a good idea! I'll try and fit you in (Try and write your name down afterwards like I did :3). ~ Whispeon

uh..ok .also,check my blog.~Chrono

i know psychic,psy wave and head butt at the beggining but learn more powerful moves later.

Can I be in it? (Also, there's a talk page for every article, so why chat about it on the article? XD) ~Leafingo

I'll try and "squeeze" you in. (Also, it's more fun this way :3) ~ Whispeon 21:03, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

Okay. ^_^ (Yeah; I guess it is more fun this way. XD) Leafingo 21:05, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

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It's great. ^_^ (*still waiting for my appearance* XD) Leafingo 18:23, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

EPIC.Can i post a part?

Yes, but only in this section (I WILL delete it later ( are Chrono, right? (MORE GOD DAMNED BRACKETS))) ~ Whispeon 18:37, August 24, 2010 (UTC)

._. meh. and yes.

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mmaaaayybbbee....XD ~chrono


???1: Master... what should we do with it?

???2: SHUSH!! You can't talk to master yet! He's sleeping!

???Master: That's... not... helping...

???1 & ???2: AAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!

???Master: Just... put it in the machine. Let it do it's thing.

???2: Y-y-y-yes master!


Chapter 1: Pidgey's DadEdit

Alpha: Owwww... my head hurts...

???: You'll be okay, just take it easy...

Alpha: *get's up* AHH!! Who are you!

???: I said take it easy!

Alpha: What's going on? What did you do to me?

???: *giggles* I didin't do anything!

Alpha: Who... are you?

???: I'm Noah. Pretty weird name for a Pidgey, don't you think? What's your name?

Alpha: *scans Noah* ((Oh my god...did that Pidgey talk? To me?))

Noah: ^_^ Well?

Alpha: I'm... I'm Alpha... but why-

Noah: ALPHA? That's a dumb name for a Snover XD

Alpha: *looks at himself* AAHH!!!!! I'm a Snover!!

Noah: Well, yeah, silly :P Hey, my dad is really famous 'round here. Wanna meet him?

Alpha: *nods. Still dazed about the fact of being a Snover*

Noah: Well his shift ends, like, now. So you gotta be quick. He starts again in 10 minutes.

Alpha: *dazed, pretending to care about Noah's dad*

From left to right, Noah's Dad, Noah, Alpha

Noah's Dad: *flies down* WRAAAAAAAAAAWWWWCK!

Alpha: *still dazed* since... when did Pidgeots get so big?

Noah's Dad: So, Noah, who's this?

Noah: He wants a ride. That's all that matters, right? *to Alpha* Guess where we're going! ^_^

Alpha: *slowly shakes head, dazed about everything*

On the ride...

Noah's Dad: So, Noah, who is this? You never said...

Noah: Justice Team material, that's all he is.

Noah's Dad: Ahh... the amount of times you've said that this week... how many times were you wrong?

Noah: -_- Shutup, dad.

Noah's Dad: Ah! Here we are... Justice Team camp! *lands, lets the two down* darn, Next shift is up, late already. See ya, Noah!

Noah: Bye dad!

Alpha: *dazed*

Chapter 2: Darkfire AlleyEdit


Chrono: It's 20 minutes till the show... wanna... go for a walk? Or... something? Spacia?

Spacia: Perhaps...

  • the Espeon and Umbreon took a walk around the city, when they found and alleyway that wasn't there before*

Spacia: Hm... We've got time. Let's go *walks in with Chrono through the alley*

Chrono: It's... real dark in here. I can't even see the sky.

Spacia: That's because it's a new moon.

Chrono: ((-_- why does she ALWAYS have to be right?))

???: *lights flame* What do you want? What are you doing here?


Chrono and Spacia Vs a pack of Houndour and a Houndoom

Spacia: We just came to explore-

???: You wont remember a thing! *lights the alleyway, revealing 3 Houndour and a Houndoom*

Houndoom: You know the drill, boys.

Houndours: Sir, yes sir!

  • A Houndour pounces at Chrono, but whilst in the air, Chrono used Telekinesis to throw him into a wall. Another Houndour used Ember on Spacia. She was damaged a little. Spacia retaliated using Theif. She'd stolen a pair of blackglasses. She put them on and used Bite on the same Houndour. The last Houndour used Flamethrower and Chrono used Psychic at the same time. It was a power struggle.*

Spacia: *laughs* No chance,

  • Spacia uses Dark Pulse on the power struggle, defeating the Houndour's Flamethrower. The Houndour were defeated*

Houdoom: *laughs* You two are good. But I assure you, I'm better *uses Flash, escaping*

Chrono: Whimp.

Spacia: We still have 10 minutes... wanna continue our walk?

Chrono: Sure :P

Chapter 3: Leaf the DarkraiEdit

Alpha: *dazed* Okay now, SERIOUSLY what's going on.

Noah: What do you mean?

Alpha: What do you mean "What do I mean"? I mean, I want to know what's going on. If I wouldn't have said I wanted to know what was going on, I wouldn't have wanted to know what was going on. And if I don't kow what's going on in the next 10 seconds I'm going to bite someone's face off. WHAT'S. GOING. ON.

Noah: Eer...

Alpha: *enfuriated* SaY SoMeThInG!!!

Noah: I dunno.

Alpha: -_-

Noah: ...what?

Alpha: *patronising* Okay then, let me walk you through it. FIRSTLY why did you wake me up? I was clearly... er... having a nice nap.

Noah: You looked injured. I thought I could help you.

Alpha: WHY did you bring me here?!?!

Noah: *sigh* It's my job. I find people who I think are fit to be in a Justice Team. It's what I do.

Alpha: Wait... no... How in any way am I... What's a Justice Team?

Noah: *patronising* A Justice Team is a Team that brings bad people to Justice. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

Alpha: Don't you patronise ME.

Noah: Well you patronised me.

  • Noah and Alpha get into a fight*

???: Break it UP you two!

Noah: Leaf. I'm sort of busy here.

Leaf: I'm the boss around here. So shutup and listen to me *they stop fighting* If I seen anything like this again, there will be serious trouble.

Leaf, breaking up Alpha and Noah's arguement

Alpha: *terrafied*

Noah: Sorry, Leaf...

Leaf: *goes*

Alpha: That... was DARKRAI!!!

Noah: That wasn't the Darkrai. It's the Darkrai from another world. We like to call it the "Reverse World"

Alpha: *dazed and terrafied*

Chapter 4: Coming Soon :P (Tomorrow, I can't be bothered to do it today)Edit