Reverse World

Basic FactsEdit

1.A Girintina lives here.

2.leaf and vegeta train here.

3.i was invited to train there and i did.

4.the pit has ice and strangely colered water there.'s the oppisite of earth.


When Lavos rises he destroyed the earth and revrse world.currently it

is a about 4 rocks flying around 2 pillars and thousands of destroyed rocks flying around.

the reverse world is soon brought to normal after the fall of Lavos.


After it was destroyed by Lavos,12 days later,after Lavos's death the dragon balls brung the reverse world back.


  • The reverse world is the complete mirror of the earth.
  • the reverse worlds spirit bomb size is 5x stronger than earth's.
  • After an extreme climate change in the Reverse World threatens Vegeta's life, Leaf ends up destroying it...

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