1.Spamming results in a ban.later a 80% warning in a future update.


3.No Curssing/offensive posts,or innapropiate language. 65% warning.

4.Do not make 2 of the same thread or double post.this

is considered spam. 50% warning

5. if you do not log on for 1 year you will be banned for site space reasons. may post your stories here but if they have,bad things then post it on the top

right/left. also if there to bad i will edit them out to be less bad.

7.if you don't follow rule 6 30% warning and your story will be deleted.

blood is ok though.(lol)

8.don't say your a mod/admin when your not OR if you are,don't brag

about it or you will get a 60% MOD warning and a 60% warning.

9.If you have any questions visit my page.And for updates coming read my

user page.

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