Squirrelfeather, the main character.

Squirrelfeather is a LightningClan queen. She is the main character of Stormfront.

She is a brown-silver she-cat with minty green eyes. Her mate, Firetail, is a ginger tom with a brown muzzle and piercing blue eyes.

Fernkit is a tortoiseshell she-cat with soft blue eyes. Darkkit is a pure black tom with blazing amber eyes. Shadowkit is a smokey gray tom with forest green eyes.


Princess X Unknown tom: Cloudtail

Cloudtail X Brightheart: Whitewing

Whitewing X Birchfall: Dovefeather and Ivyshard

Dovefeather X Tigerheart: Squirrelfeather and Amberfrost

Squirrelfeather X Firetail: Fernkit, Darkkit and Shadowkit

(Will add more stuffs later.)