The legendary beast that inhereted the power of the downpour that put out the flames of the Brass Tower.

He was formerly a Female Mightyena named "Yena".

Suicune VS the Three Dark Beasts: Round OneEdit

Suicune senses a strange power and goes to see it. There, he sees three dark versions of the three legendary beasts Raikou, Entei and Suicune himself known as shadows who wish to take over the world.

Suicune tries to defeat them, but is outmatched. Near fainting, he is hit with a triple Shadow Ball causing him to faint. He tries to get up before he faints but can't.

After his defeat he is awakened by Entei and Raikou. He tries to find a warrior able to beat them and finds Chrono. They join together to win.

Round TwoEdit

They fight for a long time until Chrono uses Psy Explosion blowing Shadow Suicune across the floor. He gets up and the three beasts have a one on one match with their

shadows. The real ones win but then Shadow Ho-Oh appears...


Suicune, looking over Johto