Tapion is a warrior from the planet Konats in the South Galaxy. Tapion and his brother, Minotia, saved the entire planet (with the help of a wizard) from a monster known as Hirudegarn, and the two were known as heroes from that point forward. Hiredugarn was cut in half by the wizard, so to prevent Hirudegarn from becoming whole again, the wizard sealed the upper half of Hirudegarn in Tapion, and the lower half in his brother. Tapion and his brother were then sealed in music boxes and sent to opposite sides of the universe. 1,000 years later, Tapion was the released from his "prison", and Hirudegarn broke free. With the help of Goku and his friends, Hirudegarn was destroyed once and for all.

Tapion 2

A Visit to Another WorldEdit

Tapion eventually came to the Reverse World after Arceus's Final Revenge (although it is currently unknown how), where he met Leaf and Vegeta. He starts teaching Leaf "sword techniques" including Brave Slash and Brave Sword Attack.Tapion teaches Chrono how to use Brave Cannon,a Giant Ki blast made from the tip of the sword.

Vs.Steel Shade And Dark ShadeEdit

Chrono and leaf fought with many others like Tapion to beat there shadows,Steel Shade and Dark Shade.

He was nearly killed but chrono saved him transporting him to earth with the remains of his Ki.He healed there and went back

to battle.He saved leaf and chrono by throwing his blade at Steel Shades blocking the attack that was going to kill them.He fought Steel Shade

for 6 minutes while Leaf healed and Chrono charged up his Ki,for a short burst of energy.After 6 minutes he was hit in the arm and knocked aside.

Leaf and Chrono continued to fight.Chrono revealed a 'New trick.He ran into Steel Shade and was Seemingly cut into 2.A clone turned into energy healing chrono who was

Hiding behind a destroyed pillar.After the fight ended,Tapion stayed at the reverse world for awhile than left.He comes every once and awhile.

Eventually, Tapion decides to stay in the Reverse World permanetly,after 3 weeks (but for some reason, Vegeta isn't happy with that decision...).

he trains Leaf with a sword and Chrono spars with him with only his Swallow Sword.